A Whole Log of Love <3 <3 <3

Safa Log

With Melbourne being well into winter our beautiful newborn babies are able to make great use of those leafless trees!  Who would have thought a fallen log could look so comfy!!!

If You Ever Wondered Why Birds Build Nests, Maybe Its Because Babies Look So Damn Cute In Them!!!

Christian Nest

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a bird in the skies who wouldn’t love to find this little bundle in their nest!!!

The Little Man in Brown

Braxton Brown Fur

Remember what Will Smith said about, how he makes the black suit look good?  Well the same applies to this little man in his brown wrap!!!

When Can You Get Away With Looking Utterly Cheeky?

Thomas Purple Fur Small

When you’re an adorable 4 week old baby and you wear that cheeky smile like Brad Pitt wears an Armani suit!!!

Friends Forever – Brotherly Love

Lachlan and Thomas Cropped

One of my favourite quotes…”Brothers…Peas in a pod, Bumps on a log, Bugs in a rug, Birds of a feather, Partners in Crime, Friends Forever” ❤


Sleepy Head

Thomas Sleepy

There are many things to envy about gorgeous little babies… how adorable they are, the fact they look good in just about anything, and how they simply don’t have a worry in the world.  But the one thing to envy the most is the perfect state of peace they find when they fall asleep.  Wish I could crash like this!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 1.40.20 pm

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mummies and Mummies-to -be out there! Whether you are a step parent, foster parent, biological parent or a grandmother, you are all amazing and I hope you can put your feet up and enjoy the day because you all deserve it ❤