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New Parents

Today I had the most gorgeous Melbourne mummy into my studio with her sweet baby girl. As with most mummies and daddies that come to me for their newborn photos, we got chatting about the highs and lows of pregnancy and becoming a parent to a brand new baby.  As a mum of four beautiful children I find myself offering advice and tips to my new parents that come through my studio doors. I am in no way a qualified professional to offer medical advice however I do consider myself to be a qualified mummy and I know what worked for me. There’s so much information out there, parenting books, classes and kind strangers offering advice, sometimes the information can be so conflicting! I have found there are a number of hot topics that seem to be very common amongst my new parents, this is what has inspired me to create a blog about the things that concern new parents the most, things that you can’t necessarily find in a magical parenting guide that will prep us for the nitty gritty issues of becoming a new parent.

My first point of advice I would like to offer to all new mums and dads to help make it through those first few months is to make a point to connect with other parents. They can help validate your struggles as a new parent, support you and remind you that no, you’re not going crazy, you’re not alone and most importantly it does get better!

Over the coming weeks I will discuss the hot topics that often come up during my  newborn photography sessions. Maybe my tips won’t work for you but even if I can help one new parent then for me it will make maintaining this blog a worthwhile commitment.