International Photography Competition Finalist


Today I am a little bit excited to announce that my image of this gorgeous little guy has made it to the top 50 finals list of a huge international photography completion out of a massive list of 4373 entries.  You can view the details here:

I have had so many beautiful babies through my studio doors and I am so proud of all of the portraits I have created.  The things I love about this image in particular are, firstly, the minimalistic approach taken on the design, but while simplistic, the natural ordered chaos in the fur ensures there’s always something new to observe every time it’s gazed upon.  Secondly I love the way the shade of grey perfectly complements the tone of this little guys skin, allowing him to be such a strong feature in the picture and ensuring he is always the immediate focal point.  And finally I love the pose.  Completely tasteful despite the little man being naked, and even though this gorgeous little boy is undoubtedly a beautiful newborn, his pose still invokes reflection on the fetal stage and how he’s spent the first 9 months of his brand new life in the comfort of his gorgeous mummies womb.  These qualities are things I am careful to capture in all of the images I create.

Even though photography is my area of expertise and a field I study, follow, and try to develop in constantly, from composition to lighting, to advances in technology and ever evolving trends.  I absolutely love applying these skills to newborn photography and doing what I can to stretch the boundaries of this field, and being completely original. Most of all I love giving my clients images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Finally I just want to especially thank this little guys mums for allowing me to photograph their perfectly little boy.  The credit to the success of this image is contributed massively to how beautiful and perfect my subjects is.

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