My Little Man – My Moments Lost


I wanted to share something with you guys that’s really personal, but I think there is a lesson here for all of us so I’m going to let you all in.  They say the last thing a chef wants to do when they finish work is cook, and that saying is no less applicable to a photographer.  I feel so emotional when I look at this image.  This little guy is alive and well and and full of energy and loving life.  He is the happiest little man you could ever meet.  He smiles all day and is always looking to explore and interact with the world around him in new ways.  So what makes me so emotional?   This is my little boy.  In this photograph he is under two years old and when I look at this photograph and see how much he’s changed I feel so sad that I don’t have more of these beautiful windows into the past.  I have never done a portrait shoot of my own children and that realisation tonight has slapped me hard across the face!  I’m embarrassed to say, this image isn’t from a portrait shoot.  I bribed my little monkey with his teddy and toy train to play briefly on the fur he’s sat on while I tested some new equipment.  He was my guinea pig.  I couldn’t get a smile out of him, he was in a silly mood where he would just poke his tongue out, and for me, looking back, that just adds to the charm and memory of this photo.  This portrait was unplanned and is a little rough around the edges but I’m so glad I have it because it’s one of the few I have of my little guy.  I plan on taking so many more photos of him from this moment on as I don’t want to loose another moment of his development.  I urge you all to do the same.  You don’t need to bring your children to a professional photographer like me to document your precious little ones, just make sure you photograph them every day!  Even if it’s just with your smartphones!  Every day with your beautiful little cherub is a blessing.  Lets make sure we always have there perfect little faces to treasure, no matter how much time passes by and how much they change from one day to the next!